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Headaches & Migraines

Treat your spinal pain

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide high quality and patient-centered care. We believe that health is a way of life, and we enjoy helping people perform at their full physical potential.

Our Values

We strive to serve families and individuals with integrity and friendliness, and to educate the general public about all aspects of health, including the value of chiropractic care.

Our Solution

Chiropractic treatment helps to reduce traditional neck and back problems, and produces positive physiological results with minimal to no surgical invasion.

Everyone knows that you go to the dentist to prevent cavities, but it is not a common train of thought to go to a chiropractor to prevent headaches, migraines and other conditions. Chiropractors do not just “move bones,” but they also take care of the nervous system. This is important because the nervous system controls everything in your entire body.

With clinics in Annandale and Centreville, VA, Jung Spine & Chiropractic will find the cause, help you understand your ailment, and create a treatment plan to fix the problem. You are always welcome to call and ask questions. Our staff is here for you!


Jung Spine & Chiropractic

We provide advanced spinal correction with the state of the art chiropractic techniques.